Increase in Theft from Autos Reported in Juniata and Harrowgate

The 24th Police District reported yesterday that the Police Service Area 1 (PSA 1) is experiencing an increase in theft from autos. The area includes Juniata Park and Harrowgate.

The District is encouraging vehicle owners to lock their car doors, set the alarm and park on a busy or well lit street. As always, police are saying that it’s important to never leave any valuables in plain view.

Community Relations Officer Tina Willis recently told the Juniata Park Civic Association that people are leaving purses, lap top computers, cell phones, phone chargers, and other valuables on the seats on their cars, making it very inviting for thieves to break in.

The graphic above also shows that New Year’s Day is the holiday in which you are most at risk of having your car stolen, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

If your vehicle is broken into — even if nothing is taken — it’s important to report it to 911 to assist police in recording each break-in throughout the 24th District.

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