Crime Report


38xx FRANKFORD AVE. — The complainant states on January 11th at 5:00 pm he went into his business and left his vehicle parked unattended outside with the keys inside the vehicle. When he returned approximately 5 minutes later, the 2005 Honda Odyssey was missing.

13xx E. HUNTING PARK AVE. – On Jan. 24th at 12:29 am Police Officer Gibson was kicked in the chest/stomach area by the offender, James Harvin, 36, during his arrest. Offender was being stopped for pedestrian investigation.

44xx G ST. — The complainant states on January 9th at 6:00 pm he parked his 2000 Honda in the parking lot and went into Juniata Fitness Center. The complainant returned to the vehicle at 7:15 pm and observed the door handle lock was jammed, and a Pioneer LCD radio, ans a wallet containing $3.00 cash and 3 credit cards were missing from inside. Video was available at the Fitness Center.


February 15th through February 22nd

There was 1 Aggravated Assault reported during this period.

    * 100 W Loudon St (02/17) domestic.

There was 1 Robbery reported during this period.

    * 4700 Rising Sun Av (02/21) point of handgun.

There were 3 Thefts reported during this period.

    * 4600 Rising Sun Av (02/17) other.

    * 4800 Rising Sun Av (02/17) from auto.

    * 4400 Whitaker Av (02/19) from auto.

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