Resilience Project is Working!

   The Philadelphia Resilience Project cleaned 191 blocks on Saturday, March 9th. Volunteers are pictured above at home-base for the mission, the Harrowgate PAL Center at H & Tioga Streets. / Photos by T. Lineman / Juniata News

   A fourth cleanup was conducted on Saturday, March 9th under the Philadelphia Resilience Project. Crews cleaned 191 blocks including areas around four schools — Sheridan, Conwell, Willard and Elkin.

   With each cleanup, the City and volunteers clean a new area and revisit all past areas. “It’s under maintenance now, which is a lot easier to keep it clean,” said Tom Conway, Director of the Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP).

   Conway said that volunteers spread throughout the neighborhood with litter-grabbers, brooms and shovels to clean up the streets, sidewalks and lots. In addition, the City had L&I cleaning and sealing abandoned houses; the Streets Department used mechanical brooms; CLIP painted doors and windows on boarded-up properties; the Water Department cleaned inlets; Parks & Rec cleaned the parks; and the Police were in full force.

   The maintenance has been noticeable to those in charge. “We’ve been able to stabilize those lots,” said Deputy Managing Director Joanna Otero-Cruz.

   Otero-Cruz was pleased that over 120 volunteers came out to help with the cleanup. “Knowing that it’s a nice day out on a Saturday morning, you have 191 blocks — I think it’s a good number,” she said. “And we had a lot of kids, which is great,” she added. “It’s great to see a lot of youth

   The volunteers included Boy and Girl Scouts from Sheridan School and PAL Center students, among many others.

   “It’s always good to encourage youth to get civically involved very young — so we’re pleased with that,” she said.

Deputy Managing Director for Community Services, Joanna Otero-Cruz, and Deputy Managing Director Tom Conway, head of CLIP, outside of Harrowgate PAL.

   An inspector went through the trash of illegally dumped bags. As of the time the Juniata News spoke with Tom Conway, he said 21 tickets were issued at $150.00 a piece.

   “Hopefully people will learn, do not trash your own neighborhood,” he said. “The City collects trash weekly, recycling weekly. Just put it out on trash day.”

  The next cleanup will be held on April 6th.

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