Supporting Sweet Success in Kensington

Pound Cake Heaven prepares for their Grand Opening in April by attempting to sell 1,000 cakes to help purchase all the equipment they need for long-term success!

   There was a time when Pamela Thornton spent time in her home making delicious homemade baked goods to bring with her to social events and other gatherings. A big hit, people started counting on her to bring the sweets when she attended any function.

   “Then I attended some cake decorating classes,” Thornton told the Juniata News. “I realized that I had a talent for it and I really enjoyed designing the cakes!”

   After many years of baking, she opened Pound Cake Heaven in Yeadon 7 years ago. This April she will open a second location at 3415 Kensington Avenue.

   Lots of people are betting on a bright future for Kensington, New residential homes and developments are spreading throughout the neighborhood, foretelling a significant need for a variety of new businesses along the Kensington Business Corridor.

   In 2017, Shift Capital, a real estate group that’s dedicated to revitalizing urban neighborhoods, announced “Re-imagine” The Kensington Storefront Challenge”. The challenge awarded financial and technical support to nine business concepts from a field of about 30 applicants to open businesses in properties that Shift Capital owns in the Kensington Business Corridor.

Malanii H. Mines, an intern from Walnut Hill College, decorates a cake at Pound Cake Heaven.

   Pound Cake Heaven, one of the nine winners, will be opening on Monday, April 15th, 2019.

   Pound Cake Heaven is a family-owned and operated business specializing in homemade sweets including cookies, deep dish pies, wedding and birthday cakes, and their specialty — pound cake!

   Thornton is looking forward to opening her second bakery. “I’m excited,” she said. “It will give us more space to bake — much more!”

   The bakery’s stated goal is to make all of their customers happy, and they’re ready to spread that happiness all around the Kensington area.

   As Thornton prepares to open, the bakery needs to raise some more capital to fund the purchase of equipment. The business applied for  a Forgivable Loan through the Philadelphia Department of Commerce — a loan designed to help existing businesses expand and new businesses become established on targeted businesses corridors. To receive the loan, Thornton said that the bakery is expected to have more  start-up funds of their own. If the business remains open and operating for five years, the loan is forgiven and the business pays nothing. Thornton fully intends to be a main-stay in Kensington.

Pound Cake Heaven specializes in many things, including custom made birthday cakes, wedding cakes, homemade cookies and deep-dish pies!

   What will get her to her goal? — A “1,000 Pound Cake Drive” will put the business right where it needs to be to become another piece of the puzzle to Kensington’s great future.

   Pound Cake Heaven is selling 1,000 Pound Cakes to raise the money they need. You can help them out and get a delicious pound cake by ordering and pre-paying for a pound cake now, which you’ll receive during their Grand Opening week on April 15th. Thornton said that in addition, everyone who calls 610-574-9491 to order will receive a FREE sweet with their pound cake.

   They are offering 3 flavors: Lemon; 7-UP, and Sour Butter Cream. The 7-UP is a favorite of many. “It’s a nice savory, hardy pound cake.”

   Pound Cake Heaven will open at 3415 Kensington Avenue on Monday, April 15th. To pre-order and pre-pay for a Pound Cake to support a family-owned business that will strengthen the neighborhood, call 610-574-9491.

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