Police Investigating Homicide near the Creek Behind Ferko

A body was found near the creek bed in Juniata Park. Photo: T. Lineman / Juniata News

24th District Police Captain Stephen Clark confirmed that a body was found in Juniata Park behind Ferko Recreation Center.

On Saturday, March 30th, police in the 24th District responded to Juniata Park at 6:41 pm for an unresponsive male. It was first thought to be a possible overdose at the location of 1120 E. Cayuga Street.

Upon police arrival, they were directed to a wooded area where the victim was found with an injury to the back of the head. Medic #2 was there and pronounced the man deceased at 6:53 pm. There was drug paraphernalia in the area, giving suspicion to an overdose. However, Clark said that after the victim was transported to the Office of the Medical Examiner, it was determined that the cause of death was a single gunshot to the back of the head.

The victim, described in his mid-30’s, was not from the neighborhood. “He obviously went down there to meet somebody,” said Clark at last night’s meeting of the Juniata Park Civic Association. “It doesn’t appear to be a robbery. It appears to be a targeted meeting back there.” A cell phone was found on the victim, and Police are going through the phone as part of the investigation.

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