Harrowgate Civic partners with FOP and Other Civic Associations in supporting USA vs Safehouse

Breaking News from the Harrowgate Civic Association

The Harrowgate Civic Association (HCA) announced that it joined the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 (FOP), Kensington Independent Civic Association (KICA), Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic Association (PROPAC), South Port Richmond Civic Association (SOPO), Bridesburg Civic Association and Juniata Park Civic Association in filing an Amici Curiae (Friend-of-the-court) in support of the United States of America vs Safehouse Inc.

“This is an important step in ensuring our community repels outside forces, which are trying to force a drug injection site into our neighborhood,” said Shannon Farrell, President of the Harrowgate Civic Association. “Safehouse claims they can make drug use safe but there’s no way they can make our children safe from drug dealers who will want to supply the new centralized market of users.”

The HCA , a registered community organization in the city of Philadelphia, was formed in 2014. They cited their desire to help all of those addicted, they know firsthand many addicted people, and want them to become well. But they do not want to be caught in the crossfire of competing drug dealers or the law enforcement officers that are called to deal with inevitable problems.

“We all know the pain of addiction,” Farrell added. “Many of us have family or friends in the throes of addiction. We are nothing but compassionate about their experience and struggle. But a legalized injection site is not the solution.”

The HCA proudly joined the FOP, which represents the local law enforcement officers who partner with the community organizations in battling the fallout of the opioid epidemic, in supporting the USA case vs Safehouse. The crux of the case is simply asking the court to enforce the laws that are already in the books and not make an exception for Safehouse.

Farrell also cited the flawed studies Safehouse and Philadelphia have cited as evidence for their argument. She took particular exception to a supposed survey of residents and business owners. Many of the questions were leading and crafted to elicit a positive response.

“First of all it wasn’t a randomized study,” Farrell-Pakstis stated. “They grabbed people walking through the area. So they eliminated any residents who are so disgusted with the situation that they don’t walk through the Kensington Ave corridor. The results are biased and irrelevant.”

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