Frankford Cares — “It’s Our Community”

First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter High School Boys Basketball and Baseball Teams, led by their Couch, Dale Schroeder, participated in a major clean-up in Frankford on July 13th.

   Members of many organizations came together on Saturday morning, July 13th for one reason — because the Frankford Community Cares.

   Under the heading of Frankford Community Cares, volunteers gathered on the 4300 block of Frankford Avenue to give numerous blocks a good cleaning. Volunteers know that to many people it may seem like a losing battle, but determination and caring keeps them going.

   “I know I keep hearing, ‘it’s gonna be like this again tomorrow’, but it doesn’t matter, said Zoraida Cordero of Turning Points for Children. “The point is we’re working  together as a team and we’re gonna make things happen.”

   “And even if it gets dirty tomorrow, you guys are leaders today,” she continued. “You’re setting an example for these kids.”

  Dozens of volunteers cleaned streets along Frankford Avenue including Church, Unity, Kinsey, Orthodox, Margaret, Meadow and Dire.

   Dale Schroeder, Boys Baseball and Basketball Coach of First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter High School, brought a good number of his athletes with him to volunteer. “Our motto in our program is we’re trying to build young men — Responsible young men — Successful young men.” He said “It’s our community”.

Nicole Smith, Director of Community and Prevention with Turning Points for Children CUA #3, led the volunteers, including her daughters Laila and Mia, in cleaning up Frankford.

   His players came out early on this Saturday morning even though they didn’t have to, some with parents. “We’re just a family atmosphere altogether as a team,” he said, “And that’s how we stick together.”

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