24th District Reports Stolen Autos in PSA 1 During June


stolen auto (8)

19xx E. CLARENCE ST. —  The complainant states that he last seen his vehicle (Green ‘01 Ford F-150)1 parked and secured on 6/8/19 at 12:00am. When he returned on 6/9/19 at 8:00am he noticed that his vehicle was missing. all files checked with negative results.

41xx MAYWOOD ST. —  The complainant states that she last seen her vehicle (Green ‘98 Honda Civic) parked & secured on 5/3/19 at 9:00am, at 14xx E. Hunting Park Ave. When she returned from her boyfriend’s house on 6/8/19 she noticed her vehicle was missing.

38xx SEPVIVA ST. The complainant states on 6/18/19 at 4:00am he parked his tractor trailer (red ’12 Cascadia Freightliner) with a white trailer attached KS tag #601758, 2014 Reerer Unit, “Road Monster” and when he returned to the location, the vehicle was missing.

32xx KENSINGTON AVE. — The complainant states he allowed his friend to use his vehicle (Black ’14 Jeep Patriot) and on 6/19/19 the friend called him and stated the car had been stolen.

 4557 G ST. The complainant states that he last saw his white 2003 Ford F-350 pickup truck on 6/20/19 at 10:00 pm parked & secured. When he returned on 6/21/19 at 5:00am he noticed his vehicle missing.

38xx ELSINORE ST. —  The complainant states that he parked the vehicle (white ’11 Acura MDX on 6/22/19 at 11:00pm. When he returned on 6/23/19 at 7:00am the vehicle was missing.

34xx EMERALD ST. —  June 22 – The complainant states she came from work early this morning, and parked her vehicle (red ’99 Honda CRV) at the beginning of the block. When she returned later in the day, her vehicle was gone.

34xx EMERALD ST.The complainant states he parked his truck (green ‘95 Ford Ranger) in front of his house on 6/22/19, at 12:00 am, and when he returned at 8:00am the truck was gone.

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