Walt Wesolowski Community Service Award Recipients

Adella Hawthorne receiving a community Service Award from former 24th District Captain Clark

Today, Tuesday, August 6th, is National Night Out! It’s a day that is designated for an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. 

In May of 2019, the 24th Police District Advisory Council awarded Adella Hawthorne, Somerset Neighbors for Better Living, and Donna Marie Galas with the Walt Wesolowski Community Service Award. Walt was a resident of Juniata Park who was very active with the 24th PDAC and throughout the community.


Adella Hawthorne is truly a fearless person in the community. She is always ready to protect, defend, and honor those she loves, her neighbors and the residents of Harrowgate/Kensington. Adella is readily available to defend her neighborhood and stand up for what she believes in that will better the area by attending community meetings, passing along info to her peers and providing criminal activity to the officers of the 24th District.

Adella is an active member in the Harrowgate Civic Association, as well as attending meetings at the 24th District. Adella plays a big role in having drug dealers arrested. Also, Narcotics hit several houses for drug activity, one of which 6 people were arrested, 3 of those people were taken to Homicide in connection for murder all because of the information she provided. Adella has no problem voicing her opinion, passing along criminal activity and cleaning up her neighborhood. Her fearlessness does not go unrecognized by her peers, community leaders and members of the meetings. Her drive and desire to help clean up the area is commendable.


Amanda Fury, President of Somerset Neighbors for Better Living

In 2011, the Somerset Neighbors for Better Living (SNBL) was formed to empower residents in the impoverished and underserved Kensington neighborhood in between the boundaries of Kensington Avenue, Aramingo Avenue, Lehigh Avenue, and Cambria Street. The loss of industry, jobs and opportunity had devastating consequences on this community. Until SNBL, there was no organized way in which residents could work together to make improvements.

SNBL is dedicated to organizing our neighbors to create a better place for our community to live, grow and play. Currently, an active steering committee coordinates the efforts of many residents, and addresses issues such as:

  • Pollution and neighborhood cleanliness
  • Physical improvements, including public art projects and tree planting and neighborhood greening
  • Civic education and empowerment for residents
  • Crime prevention
  • Youth activities and block parties
  • Health education
  • Zoning approval

SNBL has successfully mobilized residents for active participation in their community. It represents a genuine light in what otherwise can be a very dark neighborhood.


Donna Marie Galas

Donna Marie Galas is a truly selfless person in the community. She is always thinking of everyone else and how to improve the community and those around her. Donna truly believes in being a community activist, she is an awesome community liaison that acts as the conduit between the community and city government including the police.

Donna is an active member in South Port Richmond Association as well as Powers Park community meetings. Donna was also a part of the group that petitioned the city to renovate Stokely Playground. In the summer she hosts game night for the kids at Powers Park. Donna first started game night at Stokely Playground and moved to Powers Park when the city began renovation on Stokely. She is a great positive person to have for the neighborhood.

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