Plaques Stolen from Police and Fire Memorial on Juniata Golf Course

Bob Wheeler, General Manager and Executive Director of the Juniata Park Golf Club made a startling discovery as he drove the course late this morning — The plaques for the Police and Fire Fighter Memorials were missing.

“It brought me to tears,” Wheeler told the Juniata News today. The memorial is located in the middle of the golf course. Wheeler said that it had to be done overnight because golfers pass by the memorial throughout the day as they play the course.

Wheeler said that he hopes it was done for scrap and not done to disrespect the police of this city. “Police have a had a tough time this year,” he said. As a retired Philadelphia Police Officer himself, Wheeler really takes this theft to heart.

The Police Memorial plaque reads “In Memory of OUR FALLEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS Who died in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Philadelphia. October 27, 2008. Dedicated by the Juniata Golf Foundation.

Channel 6 Action News was at the course today to do a report, and Wheeler said that the Fraternal Order of Police is contacting media throughout the city to alert everyone to be on the lookout for the plaques. He’s hoping that they will be found and returned.

The Police Memorial in October of 2008. / Juniata News File Photo.

If you have any information regarding the thefts of these plaques, please call 9-1-1 and the Juniata Golf Club at 215-743-4060.

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