Rep. Cruz takes action against illegal tire dumping

An all too common scene on the side of the road — these tires are on H Street in Juniata

Rep. Cruz’ Office has good news in fight against illegal tire dumping:

State Rep. Angel Cruz announced that legislation he authored to combat the increasing illegal dumping of waste tires in Philadelphia, unanimously passed the full House.

“An increase in such acts leads to environmental, health and safety hazards, which adversely impacts the overall quality of life for both citizens and visitors of Philadelphia,” Cruz, who also serves as Democratic chairman of the Human Services Committee, said. “I am thankful for the bi-partisan support on the passage of this bill to take the necessary steps to address illegal waste tire dumping in Philadelphia that could also be a model for all of Pennsylvania.”

The bill, H.B. 342, imposes a penalty of no more than $500 per tire for violators caught illegally dumping waste tires. The bill would also require businesses dealing in waste tires and waste tire haulers to keep records of their inventory, provide waste tire enforcement to encourage recycling, expand waste tire disposal programs and enforce compliance with the act.

Cruz said current measures for enforcement, as outlined in Act 227 of 2004, have been rendered ineffective, because the illegal dumping of other materials, not waste tires, are only addressed and the resulting penalty is a minor criminal offense.

Cruz added, “We need stronger, more stringent enforcements to hold all violators accountable and to cause potential violators to think twice before they poison our communities with this harmful rubbish and my legislation provides these measures.”

The bill now moves to the Senate.

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