Robbery by Gun – 24th District – PSA 1


11xx E. LUZERNE ST. — The complainant states on 9/1/19 at 10:30am while she was walking eastbound on 11xx E. Luzerne Street, a vehicle stopped and the unknown offenders (2 b/m’s) exited the vehicle, pointed a handgun at her and demanded her purse. The offenders took the complainant’s Michael Kors purse containing bills and $2,100.00 cash.  Police surveyed the area for cameras with negative results.  

22xx WHEATSHEAF LANE The complainant states on 9/9/19 at 9:10pm he met with the offenders (#1 b/m, 30yrs, 5’11”, beard, dark complexion, wearing all black, armed with a handgun; #2 b/m, 30yrs, 5’5″, thin build, wearing a black/white t-shirt) at 2200 Wheatsheaf Lane to purchase a 2018 Dodge Charger that he saw on the Offer Up website. Offender #1 pulled out a black handgun and made the complainant give them his wallet containing credit cards, id and $40.00 cash. The offenders then fled in the ’18 silver dodge charger. Complainant was uncooperative with police.

10xx E. ATLANTIC ST. — On 9/9/19 at 10:55pm complainant #1 arrived at Temple Hospital by private vehicle suffering from gunshots wounds to his stomach and back area. Complainant was treated and listed in critical but stable condition. The police located the scene at 10xx E. Atlantic Street with thirteen (13) fired cartridge casings on the highway. Police also found complainant #2 and complainant #3 who stated they were inside the garage at the location when the unknown offenders (#1 b/m, 5’7″, 160lbs, clear mask, armed with a 9mm handgun; #2 h/m, 5’8″, 125-130lbs, armed with a Mac 10; #3 male, unk race, armed with a Mac 10) entered the garage and announced a robbery. The offenders took cell phones and $916.00 cash from the complainants, then exited the location and shot complainant #1 before fleeing. scene held.

34xx JASPER ST. —  The complainant states on 9/9/19 at 8:45pm he was riding his bicycle at 34xx Jasper Street when the offender (b/m, 20-25yrs, 5’9″, goatee, short haircut, dark brown complexion, white t-shirt, blue jeans) stopped him and asked, “where did you get a bike like that?” The offender then pulled a black handgun from his waistband and said, “you don’t need that bike anymore”. The offender then took the complainant’s orange/red Big Flyer bike and fled westbound on Tioga Street towards Kensington Ave. Cameras located at the corner store at Jasper & Tioga Sts.

35xx I Street — The complainant states on 9/10/19 at 1:30pm she was sitting inside her vehicle in a parking lot at 35xx I Street when the offender (28/h/m, 5’8″, white t-shirt, basketball shorts, tattoo on his neck, in a silver sedan) parked next to her vehicle. The offender then pulled out a black handgun, racked it and demanded money. The offender took the complainant’s purse containing $350.00 cash and fled the location.

22xx WHEATSHEAF LANE —  ARREST MADE — The complainant states on 9/12/19 at 10:15pm she was sitting inside her car in the Walmart parking lot at 2265 Wheatsheaf Lane when the offenders (#1 – 16 year-old black male); (#2 -24-year-old hispanic male) approached her. The offenders said, “Be quiet, give me everything”. The complainant handed the offenders her purse containing credit cards and the offenders then fled in a red pickup truck. H25 stopped the truck on 37xx Richmond Street where the complainant’s cards were in offenders truck. The complainant positively identified the offenders and the gun. The offenders were arrested and transported to East Detectives Division for processing. The offenders were also identified in a robbery at 27xx Castor Avenue.  Offenders priors: 16 -year-old has zero (0) priors. 24-year-old has three (3) priors: three (3) Possession with the Intent to Deliver.

40xx PALMETTO ST. — The complainant states on 9/18/19 at 5:59am the unknown offender (b/m, 5’8″, blue jeans, tan or beige hoodie, armed with a black handgun) knocked on the door of his trailer at 40xx Palmetto Street. When the complainant opened the door the offender asked if he had any money. The complainant attempted to close the door and the offender then pulled out a gun and stated, “Give up what you got!” The complainant and the offender got into a struggle and the offender struck the complainant in the head with the gun. The complainant then ran from the trailer through the lot of Tristate Recycling and the offender fired approximately five (5) shots at him then fled in an unknown direction. The complainant was not struck by gunfire and sustained minor scrapes. Cameras on location.    

38xx J STREET — The complainant states on 9/20/19 at 11:00pm while he was at 38xx J Street he was approached by the offenders (#1 b/m, 20’s, white shirt, dark pants; #2 b/m, 20’s, blue hoodie, dark pants) one from behind and one from the front. Both offenders began striking the complainant with guns in his head and face then took his iphone 7, gold chain, wallet containing $100.00 cash, debit cards, and ID cards, then fled the location in an unknown direction.    

39xx KENSINGTON AVE. — An employee for Texas Chicken & Burger at 3960 Kensington Avenue states on 9/21/19 at 1:15pm the offender (w/m 40-45yrs, black hoodie, blue pants, white sneakers, purple gloves) entered the restaurant armed with a handgun and demanded money. The offender took $100.00 cash and then fled the location northbound on Kensington Avenue. Video available.

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