Theft From Auto – 24th District, PSA 1


41xx “I” St.The complainant states on 9/2/19 between 3:00am – 12:30pm her vehicle was parked & secured outside of her residence at 4102 “I” Street and an unknown person threw a rock with “Raul” and a face painted on it through the front passenger side window of the vehicle. The complainant further states an unknown person removed her handicap placard from inside the vehicle.

12xx E. BRISTOL ST. —  The complainant came to the 24th district window to report that on 9/3/19 at 11:58pm while his vehicle was parked at 12xx E. Bristol Street, an unknown person broke a window on the vehicle and removed his handicap placard from inside.

30xx MILLER ST.The complainant states between 9/4/19 at 6:00pm and 9/5/19 at 7:00am his vehicle was parked and locked at 30xx Miller St.  When he returned to the vehicle, he noticed an unknown person gained entry into the vehicle an unknown manner and removed a chop saw, grinder, screw gun, table saw and misc tools. He further states nearby cameras captured movement near his vehicle at 4:19 am but it is not clear.

18xx E. VENANGO ST. –  The complainant states on 9/9/19 at 10:13am while his vehicle was parked, an unknown person broke the driver’s side rear window and removed misc paperwork and an unknown amount in coins.

45xx H ST.The complainant states on 8/27/19 at 5:00pm she parked her vehicle outside of her residence with the doors left unlocked. When she returned to the vehicle on 8/28/19, she noticed an unknown person had removed her black purse containing a wallet, wireless ear buds, ID, Social Security card and credit card.

43xx POTTER STThe complainant states on 9/6/19 at 8:41pm while his vehicle was parked, the unknown offender (male, tall, hood up) who was a passenger in a 4 door Hyundai Sonata, took the driver side mirror from his vehicle then fled the location. The complainant has video of the theft.

37xx KENSINGTON AVE.The complainant states on 9/12/19 at 2:30pm he parked his vehicle at 37xx Kensington Avenue. When he returned to the vehicle, he noticed an unknown person had broken a window and removed a car charger and his battery.

ARREST — 34xx J STREETOn 9/13/19 at 12:07am police responded to 34xx J Street for a report of theft from auto. Upon arrival police were met by the witness who stated the offender (Jordan Cook, 34/w/m) was observed inside the complainant’s vehicle rummaging through and looking for spare change or anything of value. The complainant was located and he stated the offender did not have permission to be inside his vehicle. Police arrested the offender and he was transported to EDD for processing. Offenders priors: Forty-three (43) priors: Thirteen (13) theft from auto; Six (6) retail theft; Six (6) K&I; Three (3) robbery; Three (3) Aggravated assault; Two (2) robbery handgun; Two (2) PWID; Two (2) probation violation; One (1) assault on police; One (1) simple assault; One (1) threats; One (1) DUI; One (1) parole violation.

43xx CASTOR AVE.The complainant states on 9/15/19 at 10:00am he parked 2 vehicles at 4300 Castor Avenue. When he returned to the location on 9/16/19 at 8:00am, he observed both vehicles with the rear passenger side windows broken out and various tools missing from inside.

10xx E. VENANGO ST.The complainant states on 9/30/19 at 10:25am he left his vehicle parked and secured at 10xx E. Venango Street. When he returned to the vehicle on 9/30/19 at 10:37am he observed the driver’s side window broken and a GPS, laser level, laser tape measure and a pack of cigarettes missing from inside. Cameras on location but unable to be accessed at this time.

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