Students and Police Enjoy Halloween in the 24th & 25th Districts

   24th District Community Relations Officer Tina Willis leads students through the halls of the 24th/25th Districts to Trick-or-Treat in the District offices. / Photos: T. Lineman / Juniata News

Students from Sheridan and Shepherd Schools enjoyed lunch and activities, along with Trick-or-Treating on Halloween at the 24th & 25th Police Districts. The annual event gives students the chance to dress up in costume and interact with police officers in a fun party atmosphere.

“It’s just a way to give back to the kids,” said 24th Police District Captain William Fisher. “We get to see them come out here in their costumes, give them a few treats, and just make their day.” He enjoys the positive encounters with kids as police get to interact with them on a personal level.

This is just one of events that the 24th and 25th Police Districts held for the community. The 24th District held a Trunk-or-Treat at F Street & Allegheny Ave., along with a Weatherization event in the afternoon on Halloween. The 25th District held a Trunk-or-Treat event in Hunting Park last Wednesday. 25th Police District Captain Javier Rodriguez said that over 3,000 people attended, and that they ran out of candy within 45 minutes because of the popularity of the event.

“We always have to create these opportunities for the children,” said Capt. Rodriguez. “Especially nowadays, there’s not as many people giving out candy.” Police Districts all over the city hold these events so that kids can come out and at least get some candy on Halloween to enjoy.

Police Officers sure do seem to enjoy the events as much as the children. During rounds of trick-or-treating in the district offices, an officer said “You’re candy rich!” to one of the students with a Halloween bag loaded with candy. The child moved along, repeatedly exclaiming “I’m candy rich!” as others joined in.

24th District Captain William Fisher hands out candy to his visiting Trick-or-Treaters

25th District Captain Javier Rodriguez is pictured with students looking through their artwork.

Captain Fisher, Captain Rodriguez and Inspector Bachmayer enjoyed time with students from Sheridan and Shepherd Schools on Halloween!

Students visited the Courtroom of Judge T. Francis Shields, along with Inspector Bachmayer, Captain Fisher, Officer Barksdale and Captain Rodriguez.

 Some of the day’s volunteers are pictured with 25th District Community Relations Officer Ryan Barksdale.

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