Vintage Ads from Juniata News Thanksgiving 1969

Renel’s Discount Department Store at Castor & Erie Avenues in Juniata

Happy Thanksgiving 2019! If you’re watching the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade today, it’s kind of amazing to think that this is the 100th time that the city has celebrated the event. It’s always fun to look back at years gone by to see how we, and those before us, saw life in Philadelphia. We thought it would be fun to look back on some of the advertisements and articles from the Thanksgiving edition of the Juniata News of 50 years ago — Wednesday, November 26, 1969.

Have you been around long enough to remember Renel’s? These are some of the deals that folks would be running out for on the Friday after Thanksgiving

If you were a kid in Juniata, Harrowgate, Kensington, Frankford or Port Richmond in 1969, there’s a good chance that your parents shopped at Renel’s Discount Department Store at Castor and Erie Avenues. Did you have a Thumbelina, Maynard the Counting Dog or Johnny Service Body Shop?

CR Caterers

Soda Tax? What Soda Tax? Families in 1969 would be shocked at the revenue coming in from the tax in 2019. 50 years ago, you could drop into CR Caterers and get four 28 oz. bottles of “The Real Thing” Coca-Cola for just 99-cents!

Art’s Food Market, Claridge & Luzerne Streets

Art’s Food Market had it all! get your fresh killed Christmas Turkey, Holiday cookies, Christmas candies, and toys. Don’t forget to order your Tasty-Kake or Bond Fruit Cake!

Thanksgiving centerpieces and Thanksgiving Greeting Cards! Does anyone still mail out Thanksgiving Greeting Cards?

The Juniata Park String Band looks for form and play in the Mummer’s Parade!

The Juniata Park Civic Association congratulates a young new president. Does anyone remember Barry?

We hope everyone enjoyed seeing these vintage pieces from 50 years ago. We count our Blessings that the Juniata News has been a part of the neighborhoods for 85 years, and we wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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