24th PDAC Gives Thanks to Police Officers at Thanksgiving

   Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all that we have. On Thursday, November 21st, the 24th Police District Advisory Council (PDAC) helped provide a special meal of thanks, a week early, to everyone at the 24th Police District.

   PDAC members, pictured left to right: Pablo Mateo, Carlos Aviles, Gilbert Hardy, Brenda Hardy, and Rose Marie Webster greeted officers as they came off shift to enjoy a large buffet.

   On a day when a police officer was shot in Wissinoming, 24th District Captain William Fisher said that the treat from the PDAC definitely brings a smile to the officers’ faces, and they’re grateful for it. “It’s huge,” he said. “The 24th District has the best PDAC in the city of Philadelphia. Rose Webster replied “We have the best cops in Philadelphia.”

   Captain Fisher enjoyed his meal, commenting that the stuffed shells from Fran Lee Caterers were amazing. Brenda Hardy told the Juniata News that she likes to help the district officers because the police protect and serve, and they have families of their own to go home to. She appreciates what they do. Pablo Mateo agreed, saying “It’s to show appreciation for the work that they do for us.”

   Capt. Fisher concluded, saying “I’m grateful for having these people have our back”.

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