Health Department Announces Loss of Tobacco Sales Permits for Retailers Caught Repeatedly Selling to Kids

From the Philadelphia Department of Public Health

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health announced that 149 stores that have been selling tobacco products are not eligible to renew their tobacco sales permits in 2020, due to repeated violations of City regulations against selling tobacco products to minors. This number represents 6% of tobacco sales permits in Philadelphia. Many of the stores that are losing their permits are concentrated in poor, minority neighborhoods in North, West, and Southwest Philadelphia. (See attached map and table.)

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said, “The number one killer in Philadelphia continues to be tobacco. Many people suffering from tobacco addiction got hooked when a store clerk flouted the law and sold a child a pack of cigarettes, cigarillos, or an e-cigarette. Stores that repeatedly sell tobacco products to kids are a clear danger to our neighborhoods. Today’s announcement shows that we’re taking this danger seriously and protecting Philadelphia’s kids.”

The Health Department conducts random compliance checks by sending teenagers into stores to ask to buy tobacco. If the teenager successfully buys a tobacco product, the Health Department issues a ticket and provides education to the establishment owner about the City’s tobacco youth sales laws and the consequences of violations, which include the potential loss of the store’s tobacco sales privileges. The new regulations that stores that sold to minors three or more times in two years would not be eligible to renew their sales permits went into effect in early 2017. In the past two years of compliance checks, 149 stores were caught selling to children between three and seven times.

Tobacco retailers have been made aware of the regulations immediately after passage via a mailing in five languages explaining the new regulations and the risk of loss of tobacco sales privileges for those establishments that sell tobacco to youth three times within two years. An email reminder was sent in Spring 2019 to remind retailers of the possibility of the loss of their license. In addition, the Health Department provides education to the retailer each time when presenting them with a ticket for violating the youth tobacco sales regulations.

Everyone in the city is encouraged to report illegal sales of tobacco products by either texting “Smoke” to 474747 or calling 1-888-99-SMOKE. The City has a webpage with more information on applying for a tobacco retailer permit.

Following are the businesses in the 19124 and 19134 zip codes who are not eligible to renew their Tobacco Sales Permits in 2020:


* Bacalao Food Market, 4787-89 Frankford Ave. – 6 violations

* Speedway #06974, 1000 E. Erie Ave. – 4 violations

* Kailey Grocery II Inc., 1601 E. Cheltenham Ave. – 4 violations

* Frankford Beverage Distributor, 4655-61 Frankford Ave. – 3 violations

* Bridge Quick Mart, 2099 Bridge St. – 3 violations

* Family Dollar Store 7150, 1500 E. Erie Ave. – 3 violations

* Family Dollar Store 7338, 4334 Frankford Ave. – 3 violations

* Alizandro  Mini Market Inc, 5537 Torresdale Ave. – 3 violations

* Family Dollar Store 11370, 4113 G St. – 3 violations

* Amber Mini Market Inc, 1517 E. Hunting Park Ave. – 3 violations

* Chevere Mini Market 1 Inc, 1143 E. Luzerne St. – 3 violations


* RJ Food Market, 3538 Joyce St. – 5 violations

* Crown Fried Chicken, 849 E. Allegheny Ave. – 4 violations

* Decoo Grocery, 3000 A St. – 4 violations

* DJ Food Market, 3088 Frankford Ave. – 4 violations

* Jaquez Deli Grocery Inc., 2301 Clearfield St. – 4 violations

* Greyhound Aramingo Petroleum Inc., 2750 Aramingo Ave. – 3 voliations

* Santiago Dominican Supermarket, 2101 E. Clearfield St. – 3 violations

* Jiangs Laundromat, 2832-34 Kensington Ave. – 3 violations

* Del Orbe Mini Market, 3359 Jasper St. – 3 violations

* Kiyos Grocery, 3400 E St. – 3 violations

* Yadi Groceries, 329 E. Somerset St. – 3 violations

* Rite Aid #11134, 2401 E. Venango St. – 3 violations

* Family Dollar Store 6163, 3141 Frankford Ave. – 3 violations

* Dargelys Deli & Grocery, 500 E Willard St. – 3 violations

* Leuris Deli Grocery Corporation 1, 2875 N. Lee St. – 3 violations

* Sena Grocery Inc, 3101Rorer St. – 3 violations

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