Street Milling Continues in Juniata

 Several streets in Juniata are scheduled for street improvements with street closures and parking restrictions during the week of June 22, announced Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams.

The streets scheduled for milling during the week of June 22nd include:

  • 4400 block of I Street
  • 4200 block of J Street
  • 4300 block of J Street
  • 4200 block of K Street
  • 4300 block of K Street
  • 4000 block of Lawndale Street
  • 4100 block of Lawndale Street
  • 4000 block of Palmetto Street

The work schedule includes temporary, full street closures and parking restrictions. Weather may alter the work schedule. Residents can stay updated on the progress of their street using the PavePHL tool, the City’s web map paving tracker which allows residents view online the progress of a street scheduled for paving. It is one of the several components housed on the platform, allowing the Streets Department to communicate to the public about some of its most prominent and visible core services – including paving and permitting. Future functions of the site will include trackers for snow plowing and trash and recycling collections. 

Work will be completed in separate phases – milling, adjusting of manhole covers, and resetting of utility boxes – which will take place in separate activities over the course of the week. Operations for the milling work will be performed during the day hours, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Milling of each street segment is expected to last approximately 1-2 days per street. 

Work for adjusting of manhole covers and resetting of utility boxes will be scheduled during the day, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. and is expected to last approximately 1-2 days per street. The entire paving process takes three to five weeks.

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