Two Juniata Residents Take on Neighborhood Short Dumping and Litter

   Trash collection delays, litter, short dumping — it’s all becoming part of our landscape. Two Juniata
residents have decided that they don’t want to live with it — so they did something about it — they cleaned it up! The 3700 block of M Street has been looking terrible, and on Independence Day weekend, a pile of used fireworks was left in the parking lot of Erie Bowling Lanes. Denise Gormley and her mother Marian went out together and bagged it all up last week. On Saturday, July 18th, they continued by picking up other piles on the street.  Marian, pictured above, asked the help of Sanitation workers who were working on Saturday to pick up the bags — A job well done, and more to come.

    “I’m trying to get the community to care. This is OUR neighborhood.”

    Those are the words of Marian Gormley after taking hours to clean up some of the trash, litter, and short dumping on M Street near Erie Avenue this past week.

    If you live in the area, these piles are impossible to miss. After posting pictures of the mess on the Juniata News – Philly Facebook Page, one reader commented “Is this who we have become?”

With a little hard work in the hot temperatures, Denise and Marian Gormley turned this ….
… into this

    Marian and her daughter, Denise, are determined to have the answer to that question be a loud “NO!”

    Denise posted pictures on Eyes and Ears of Juniata Park Facebook Page asking if anyone would come out to help them clean it up. While Denise and Marian cleaned it up themselves, they did get assistance from Jose Nina, who they thanked for donating bags for the clean-up. Others also expressed interest in helping in the future.

    Marian, who lives just up the street, said that she’s tired of people parking their car and throwing their fast food trash on the curb as they get out. She and her daughter are hoping to get a lot of help in turning the litter problem around in Juniata. Through Eyes and Ears of Juniata Park, they want to recruit people to tackle big problems and maintain other areas.

While this pile and others on the 3700 block of M Street were reported to 311 on July 7th, neighbors wanted it gone sooner and began working on it last Saturday. The City picked up the rest on July 21st.

    “If I have to do it all myself, I will!” she said. But she has a message to others, and that’s how exciting it was to see the results of her hard work. “I enjoy it. It’s a good sense of accomplishment.”

    Denise lives by the motto Be the change you wish to see in the world. “I take a lot of pride in keeping my community looking clean,” she said. “I made a New Year’s resolution to try to keep my block as clean as possible and I’ve been out there more days than not. I love looking at the street when it’s clean. It really feels good to play an active role in keeping it trash-free.”

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