Down on the Boulevard, They Ticket Hard

Watch your speed as you travel along the Roosevelt Boulevard — starting today, August 1st, speed cameras are automatically ticketing speeders now that a 60-day warning period has ended.

According to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, “There are now thirty-two (32) automated speed enforcement cameras operational at eight (8) different locations on Roosevelt Boulevard. Posted signage has also been installed to indicate intersections in which speed cameras are installed. The automated speed enforcement camera locations are;

Roosevelt Boulevard and Banks Way

Roosevelt Boulevard and F Street

Roosevelt Boulevard and Deveraux Street

Roosevelt Boulevard and Harbison Avenue

Roosevelt Boulevard and Strahle Street

Roosevelt Boulevard and Grant Avenue

Roosevelt Boulevard and Red Lion Road (near Whitten Street)

Roosevelt Boulevard and Southampton Road ( near Horning Road)”

Vehicles electronically clocked traveling more than 11 miles per hour over the speed limit will receive a fine in the mail. Fines are steep, ranging from $100.00 for 11-19 MPH over the limit, to $125.00 for 20-29 MPH over; and $150.00 for 30+ miles over.

PPA officials reported that vehicles were regularly caught going 100 mph on the Boulevard during the warning period.

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