Community Turns Out to Lift Morale of 24th District Police Officers

Captain Pedro Rosario, Barbara Ambacher, Brenda Hardy, Gilbert Hardy, Officer Tina Willis, Pablo Mateo

Community members have long offered to come in and voice their support for police officers. 24th District Captain Pedro Rosario took them up on the offer recently, saying that morale is low among the good officers working hard for the neighborhoods they love to serve.

    Nationally, police officers have been on the hot seat – some for very good reason — but most officers who love to serve the neighborhoods and people they care about have been feeling a drain in morale.

    On the evening of July 20th and on July 21st, 24th District Captain Pedro Rosario welcomed a number of community members to speak before Roll Calls.

    “A lot of our community members see and understand the issues that you’re dealing with, and they support us a lot,” Rosario told his officers at a Roll Call on July 21st.

Gilbert and Brenda Hardy

    Brenda Hardy, a member of the 24th Police District Advisory Council (PDAC) thanked the officers for their devotion, kindness and service. “We can’t say it enough, how good you guys are to us,” she said. She noted that the officers have their own families to take care of, even while taking care of the people in our neighborhoods.

Maryann Trombetta

    Maryann Trombetta, President of the Port Richmond Town Watch, told officers that she knows it’s not easy, and that she sees a lot. “I want to thank each and every one of you for putting your lives on the line to help make our community safe,” she said. “I want you all to stay safe, stay cool and God Bless you.”

Bill Summers and Pablo Mateo of Town Watch Integrated Services.

    Bill Summers of Town Watch Integrated Services, finished up the commenting, saying that he knows no one does everything perfect. “I support you 100%,” he said. “We need you. We need you badly. We also need you to be human beings, be citizens who chose law enforcement. That’s critical – the citizens of the United States that choose law enforcement.”

24th Police District Roll Call

    With violence on our streets, even children being shot and killed, every day holds potential horrors for the police officers to deal with on our streets. Summers reminded them that through this, every intervention they have sticks in the mind of someone.

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