Memorial for 2 brothers is planned for Sunday, September 6th

Photo from Monday evening’s memorial. Photos: Harry Stevenson for the Juniata News

Family, friends and neighbors came together on Monday evening, August 31st to support each other and remember two young brothers, Kariel and Jacier, who were killed in a car crash on the weekend.

The boys were thrown from the vehicle that they were riding in while traveling on Hunting Park Avenue when another vehicle sped through the red light on Kensington Avenue, causing a violent crash.

Their mother and father were both sent to the hospital after the accident on Sunday morning around 12:30 am. According to Juniata resident, Shirley Davila, the parents hope to be at a memorial to be held this Sunday, September 6th at 5:00 pm at the same intersection.

Davila has offered support to the family, representing the Juniata neighborhood. She’s actively trying to bring support to the family which will include a fundraiser at the memorial to collect money for the family as they prepare to bury their young sons, 7 and 9 years old. The neighborhood is encouraged to attend the memorial to give emotional and financial support.

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