Kensington Store Owner, Gun to His Head, Fights Back Against Robber

On Monday night, December 14th, just before 7:00 pm, a 51-year-old male entered the Express One Food Market at E. Allegheny Avenue and Emerald Street in Kensington and placed a gun to the head of the 36-year-old owner of the store who was stocking shelves. The owner grabbed the gun and began a physical struggle with the perpetrator.

The two men fell to the ground during the struggle, and other employees and a customer came to the owner’s assistance to hold the perpetrator on the ground — but not before the owner was shot 4 times in his stomach and once in the arm.

Police said that the 51-year-old perpetrator accidentally shot himself in the finger, and that it appears that he’s going to lose the index finger of his left hand. He was also found suffering from severe head trauma, bleeding from his head.

24th District Police arrived on the scene, seeing both men shot, and a large amount of blood on the floor. Both the store owner and the perpetrator were taken to the hospital where they were both listed in stable condition.

Chief Inspector Scott Small said that the entire altercation was captured on store surveillance video.  The store owner was armed with a gun, but never pulled his weapon. Inspector Small called the owner a very brave man to grab the gun that was pointed to his head and take the perpetrator to the ground.

Police recovered the perpetrator’s semi-automatic handgun. Small said that the perpetrator is no stranger to the police.

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