24th Police District Abandoned Auto Initiative – REPORT ABANDONED VEHICLES NOW!

If you want to get an abandoned vehicle off your block, the time to act is now!

The 24th Police District is preparing for an upcoming Abandoned Auto Initiative. Are you getting tired of seeing an abandoned vehicle on your block? Would freeing up a parking space be welcomed by everyone on your block? Then it’s time to take some action right now!

The police department is asking community groups in the 24th District to assist them in collecting a list of abandoned vehicles. If you can send a precise location (address), make, model and color of the vehicle to your local community organization, they can compile a list and send them all to the 24th District. The list will assist the police in towing these unwanted vehicles from our communities.

The 24th District is asking that you forward the information no later than Friday, March 5th in the morning so that your community organization can send them to the police by 12 noon that day. You can call the 24th District directly at 215-685-9963, or following are some of the other ways to report them:

Juniata Park Civic Association – Email kwc1228@comcast.net

Harrowgate Civic Association – Email harrowgatecivicassociation@gmail.com or see their Facebook post to comment

Kensington Independent Civic Association on Facebook

Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic (PROPAC) – See their Facebook post to comment

Port Richmond Neighborhood Association — See their Facebook post to comment

South Port Richmond Civic Association — See their Facebook post to comment.

24th District Police — Email Tina.Willis@phila.gov

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