CVS Eyes Aramingo Avenue for New Location as Castor Avenue Store is Closed in Juniata

CVS is planning to build a new store where the former Payless ShoeSource store is located in the Burlington parking lot on Aramingo Avenue.

Representatives and the attorney for the property at 3401 Aramingo Avenue attended last night’s monthly meeting of Port Richmond on Patrol And Civic (PROPAC) on Zoom to present a zoning issue regarding the erection of a sign.

“Application: For the erection of one (1) accessory free-standing sign. Size and location as shown in the plan. Sign accessory to retail sale of consumer goods in Parcel B, as part of an existing shopping center with all other uses as previously approved.”

The sign, they said, is for a CVS Pharmacy to be built on the property that currently includes Burlington and the now-vacant Payless ShoeSource building. The proposed sign does not comply with the area requirements of the ICMX zoning district because it’s just a little too large, so the property owners received a Notice of Refusal from the Zoning Board.  Members of PROPAC voted to support the appeal at the upcoming Zoning Hearing to allow the new sign. The sign is planned to be placed under the Burlington sign pictured above.

The plan is to demolish the former Payless building to make way for a new CVS building. The project to build a CVS in the location is permitted ‘by-right’, which means that the property owner can get a permit to build without any action from the Zoning Board.

A crew painted over the sign at the permanently closed CVS store at 4400 Castor Avenue on March 4, 2021.

This morning, March 4th, a crew painted over the elevated CVS sign at the former CVS located at 4400 Castor Avenue in Juniata, along with turning the ground-level signs backwards. The store was heavily looted and damaged on October 27th of last year along with the money safes being blown open by thieves using explosives. On December 22, 2020, Amy Thibault, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for CVS issued a statement to the Juniata News saying “Due to the significant damage that our store at 4400 Castor Avenue in Philadelphia sustained during civil unrest in October, we are not able to reopen this location.”

CVS — permanently closed at 4400 Castor Avenue in Juniata

The new CVS is being built along a stretch of Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond that was devastated by looting and vandalism on October 27th.  A representative for the property said that security will be at the forefront of the store’s program on Aramingo Avenue. It was also stated that the CVS Pharmacy inside the nearby Target store on Castor Avenue is unaffected by the opening of this new CVS and will remain open.

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