Gregory Stevens, 27, is Arrested and Charged with Attempted Murder of a Pharmacist at Universal Pharmacy in Juniata

Gregory Stevens, 27, has been arrested and charged for the February 22nd Attempted Murder and Aggravated Assault of a pharmacist at Universal Pharmacy in Juniata during a Robbery.

District Attorney Larry Krasner announced that Gregory Stevens, 27, of Philadelphia is facing numerous charges including Attempted Murder and Aggravated Assault for his role in two separate violent incidents over the past month, including a robbery at Universal Pharmacy in Juniata when he shot a pharmacist.

The District Attorney’s Office approved an arrest warrant for Stevens following the Philadelphia Police investigation of an armed robbery at Universal Pharmacy, 3908 Kensington Avenue on February 22nd. Stevens is alleged to have wielded a firearm and demanded “Oxys” from the pharmacist. During a struggle that ensued, Stevens’ gun fired and a bullet struck the pharmacist in the chest. Stevens is further alleged to have pointed his gun at the pharmacist’s head before fleeing the store and getting into the passenger side of a running white sedan.

Video from cameras at the store capture parts of the incident. Investigators also obtained information from Pennsylvania State Parole GPS monitoring of Stevens. The District Attorney has charged Stevens with Attempted MurderAggravated AssaultRobbery, Violation of Uniform Firearms Act and related offenses.

Stevens’ undoing came on Tuesday, March 9th, when he is alleged to have caused a vehicle collision near 1100 S. Broad Street while unlawfully operating an ATV by abruptly braking, causing the driver of an SUV to strike him in the rear, leading to his falling to the ground. When the complaining witness left his SUV to check on Stevens, Stevens repeatedly struck the complaining witness on the head and face, resulting in injuries. The violent assault was captured on video which was widely shared online.

Stevens was also seen in the video retrieving a firearm, which prompted bystanders to verbally intervene. Video also captured Stevens picking up cinder blocks and throwing them at the windows of the complaining witness, resulting in further damage to the vehicle and injury to the victim.

Gregory Stevens (Philadelphia Police Department mug shot)

Stevens, who is prohibited from carrying firearms and is on state parole for a 2014 robbery conviction, has been charged with Aggravated AssaultCriminal MischiefVUFA offensesSimple AssaultRecklessly Endangering Another PersonHarassment, and related offenses by the District Attorney’s Office for this incident. Stevens is also charged with ATV violations, which are Summary offenses in Pennsylvania.

“This violence is an outrage and will be vigorously and justly prosecuted. It also raises questions about the challenges state supervision faces when many court functions are still shut down,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said. “The criminal legal system simply must be more proactive and innovative to ensure continuity of operations as we enter Year 2 of a court emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. My office has repeatedly expressed concerns about some people on probation and parole being unfairly tripped up by system dysfunction, as other people who are in need of close supervision lack its focus.”

District Attorney Krasner continued: “I also continue to urge leaders at the state and local level to address an historic increase in traffic crashes resulting in injuries and fatalities. Government should be much more forward-thinking about transportation and shared streets, and while the criminal legal system can offer input, we should not be leading this conversation. Fair and effective enforcement of traffic rules is possible without excessive criminalization. My office is prepared to be a partner in ensuring streets and roads are safe for drivers, cyclists, disabled people, and pedestrians alike.”

(Information in this report has been extracted from DOA press release).

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