Reckless Dirt Bike Driver Hits Girl in the Park, Breaking 2 of Her Fingers; Groups Want Change

Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership & Tacony Creek Park Keepers have issued the following statement regarding the injuries to a 9-year-old girl caused by a reckless dirt bike driver on March 11th:

On March 11, 2021 a child riding her bicycle on the Tacony Creek Park Trail near the 5100 block of East Tabor Avenue was struck by an adult male driver on a dirt bike who came around a turn on the trail travelling at high speed. His action resulted in two broken fingers that had to be surgically repaired, as well as emotional distress for this nine-year old. At the time, she and her family were participating in one of TTF’s regular walking groups in the park.

Safety is our biggest concern. We are bringing attention to this incident to ask park users to be alert when using the trail. We are frustrated that it is necessary to warn people using a public park to watch out for the dangerous actions of other community members. Please know that we understand that ATV use is a recreational activity enjoyed by many, that is not only illegal in the park but on the streets of Philadelphia as well. We believe that this citywide issue needs to be addressed with a citywide response.

We ask ATV users to not endanger your neighbors and children. We ask that you stop riding ATVS of any kind on and off the Tacony Creek Park trail. Your activity jeopardizes people of all ages, and damages the park’s fragile natural system. Help us to protect this small green space that means so much, and has so many benefits to your community, especially in these difficult times.

We appreciate the support of the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) in responding to this incident. We understand PPD is limited in its ability to enter Philadelphia parks unless there is a life-threatening situation. We do not want Tacony Creek Park to become a patrolled area. We want park users to feel and be safe within a green space that is welcoming, clean, calming, and full of positive activity.

We appreciate the support of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) in working to address the ATV issue through coordinating with PPD to patrol near park gateways and adjacent streets that residents have brought to our attention. We greatly appreciate PPR’s efforts to create physical barriers for ATVS at key locations and to consider additional steps.

Visit here to learn more about TTF, Tacony Creek Park, and how you can become involved with the Tacony Creek Park Keepers. Contact or 215-744-1853 with any questions. The TCP Keepers next meeting is on April 22 at 5 pm.

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