GoFundMe is set up to help Wei Lin’s young family

A memorial outside Red Central Chinese Restaurant

    Wei Lin, 28, was killed with a punch to the head after assisting an employee of his restaurant who was involved in a fender-bender at L & Luzerne Streets in Juniata, just a block from the restaurant.

    The employee of Red Central Chinese Restaurant at L Street & Erie Avenue was making a delivery when the minor accident occurred on Monday, May 24th.

    According to reports, the deliveryman, who did not speak English, called Lin for assistance in communicating with the other driver.

    Lin was there when both parties were exchanging insurance information.

    Out of the blue, an enraged man, identified as a relative of the driver, punched Lin in the head, causing him to collapse to the ground. No words were exchanged, according to police. Lin spent three days unconscious in the hospital because of severe brain damage from the punch, and died from the injuries on May 27th.

    Jose Figueroa, 30, of Hunting Park was identified, arrested and charged with manslaughter. Figueroa was released from custody after posting $200,000 bond.

A GoFundMe has been set up to “Help Wei Lin’s family get through this tragedy”. As of today, over $142,000 has been raised to help Lin’s family which includes his wife and two children, 3 months old and 19 months old. https://gofund.me/ef8f6f7f

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