JPCA Honors Longtime Juniata Resident Rose Marie Webster

Kate Clarke, President of the Juniata Park Civic Association, with Rose Marie Webster

The Juniata Park Civic Association gave a special honor to Rose Marie Webster at their monthly meeting in September. Kate Clarke, President of the JPCA, thanked Rose Marie for her many years of faithful service to the Juniata Park neighborhood. Rose Marie has been retiring from her many positions and duties in the neighborhood, preparing for the “easy” life!!!

Kate read the following message in front of the membership of the Juniata Park Civic Association:

“Rose Marie Webster hit the ground running when she moved into the Juniata Park community over 25 years ago. She became active in the neighborhood where she now chose to live.

Rose joined the parish church, Holy Innocents, and became active with the senior group, being the president and the loudest bingo caller that they had ever had! But she didn’t stop there. She also became a member of the Catholic Daughters and worked diligently for them.

Being involved with the Catholic Daughters and Holy Innocents was only the tip of the iceberg for Rose. She quickly got involved with the 24th Police District through PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) and also acting as the Eyes and Ears for the Juniata Park Town Watch.

Rose also decided that this wasn’t enough for her to do, especially after her retirement from her waitressing job at Amici‘s Restaurant, so she ran for a political seat as Judge of Elections for the 33rd Ward, 10th Division and every Election Day she faithfully shows up and does the job with her favorite chair and sometimes her favorite book.

For the longest while, Rose took great pleasure in being the local taxi for the neighborhood seniors. She would drive them to doctor appointments and take them food shopping. She will patiently wait in her car, again with her favorite book, until they were finished.

She was also a member of the Juniata Park Civic Association and served on its board as the Treasurer and unofficial Social Secretary. She knows who is ill, having a baby, or whatever, and has been dubbed the “Mayor” of Juniata.

Rose has opened her home and heart to many for many years. She is their Mom, Grandmom and Aunt, along with a shoulder to lean and cry on when needed.

Over the years she has provided numerous services to the Juniata Park community, but she now believes that it’s time for her to retire. She will be missed. However, her friends and enemies alike will always know that she served our neighborhood. How could you not with that booming voice and laughter!

Best wishes and thank you for your generous service to our neighborhood, Juniata Park!”

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