24th Police District Crime Report for March 2022 in PSA-1

We at the Juniata News would like to thank Police Officer Daniel Bowe for compiling and providing the monthly Part-One Crime Statistics in Police Service Area 1 (PSA-1) in the 24th Police District for us to share with you. We appreciate his work and dedication to the people of the 24th District, and his kindness to the Juniata News.

Following are the statistics for March 1-31, 2022 in PSA-1 which includes Juniata Park and part of Harrowgate:


  • 35xx Kensington Avenue 
  • 22xx E. Tioga Street 


  • 38xx Jasper Street 
  • 18xx E. Torresdale Avenue
  • 41xx H Street 
  • 34xx Kensington Avenue 

ROBBERY (other)

  • 9xx Russell Street 
  • 36xx Aramingo Avenue 
  • 38xx Kensington Avenue 
  • 10xx E. Luzerne Street 
  • 8xx E. Westmoreland Street 
  • 12xx E. Erie Avenue 
  • 12xx E. Lycoming Street 
  • 22xx Castor Avenue 
  • 19xx E. Allegheny Avenue 
  • 18xx E. Allegheny Avenue 
  • 38xx Aramingo Avenue 


  • 32xx Frankford Avenue 
  • 36xx Jasper Street 
  • 35xx K Street
  • 13xx E. Erie Avenue 
  • 19xx E. Wensley Street 
  • 35xx Joyce Street
  • 38xx Kensington Avenue 


  • 32xx Kensington Avenue 
  • 20xx Pickwick Street
  • 18xx Torresdale Avenue 
  • 11xx E. Cayuga Street 
  • 35xx Frankford Avenue 
  • 32xx Shelbourne Street
  • 20xx Castor Avenue 
  • 38xx Aramingo Avenue 
  • 33xx Aramingo Avenue 


  • 34xx Kensington Avenue 
  • 15xx E. Erie Avenue 
  • 33xx I Street 
  • 34xx J Street 
  • 39xx Arcadia Street
  • 44xx G Street 
  • 32xx H Street
  • 42xx Lawndale Street 
  • 10xx E. Hunting Park Avenue 
  • 41xx L Street 
  • 35xx Frankford Avenue 
  • 38xx L Street 
  • 15xx E. Hunting Park Avenue 
  • 22xx Castor Avenue 
  • 35xx Emerald Street
  • 14xx E. Bristol Street
  • 20xx E. Glenwood Street 


  • 18xx E. Russell Street
  • 23xx Castor Avenue 
  • 20xx E. Pacific Street 
  • 38xx Bennington Street 
  • 35xx K Street 
  • 18xx E. Venango Street 
  • 39xx Howland Street
  • 21xx Wheatsheaf Lane
  • 35xx Joyce Street
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